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Pious Cat in North Korea

edited July 2010 in Arts & Writings
Videos in Korean.

Part I:
Part II:
Yesterday there was a story in the papers about a special temple cat in South Korea, which spend hours everyday gazing and praying to the Buddha. This cat was found as a kitten 4 yrs ago by the abbot with burn injuries. The abbot saved it and gave it the Dharma name of "Liberation". She also gave the kitten 3 precepts for staying in the monastery, which was to 1) refrain from making noise in the Vihara, 2) refrain from eating meat and 3) refrain from killing. Amazingly the kitten could understand her instructions and have never broken them for the past 4 years.

In addition to that, the cat spends hours everyday in the Vihara "venerating" the Buddha images, reluctantly leaving only for its meals. This display of devotion by the little animal puts even the humans to shame. Clearly, this cat was a Dharma practitioner in its past life, but due to thoughts of delusion in its final moments, its consciousness descended into an animal womb during the process of rebirth. It has a good store of worldly merit, but has not developed any insight leading to the end of suffering. This is how the cat managed to find its way back to a sanctuary of Buddhism and gets well taken care of by the nuns in the monastery. I believe it prays everyday in repentance for its past delusion, hoping to leave this animal form soon and achieve a higher realm of existence. This is a warning for us all, not to care only about making merit and neglect cultivating the mind to develop insight. Without true wisdom penetrating into the nature of sankharas (mental formations), all the merit in the universe cannot save us from suffering in the endless rounds of rebirth. May this cat live up to the name given to it and may its wish be fulfilled, sadhu.


Well, not to be skeptical but watching the video, I wonder if the cushion was the reason the cat didn't want to leave :lol: Also, I wonder if absence of meat when it was a kitten caused it to be vegetarian.:rolleyes: Nonetheless, it's such a surprise watching the cat turning away from meat :lol:


  • cazcaz Veteran United Kingdom Veteran
    edited July 2010
    :) Blessed thing ! Certainly at the end of its life it will attain a precious rebirth.
  • mugzymugzy Veteran
    edited July 2010

    I love that kitty! Thanks for sharing and including the blog explanation.
  • ShutokuShutoku Veteran
    edited July 2010
    Funny how most people will try to come up with "rational" explanations for it instead of just accepting that the kitty feels drawn to the Amitabha shrine.

    I posted here somewhere how my cat Norman spent a great deal of time sitting at my Butsudan when he was diagnosed with cardio myopathy. He also enjoyed my reciting the Nembutsu and would push his forehead gently against my lips as I chanted.
    Actually my avatar is Norman sitting next to another Buddha statue of mine.
  • mugzymugzy Veteran
    edited July 2010
    Shutoku wrote: »
    He also enjoyed my reciting the Nembutsu and would push his forehead gently against my lips as I chanted.
    Actually my avatar is Norman sitting next to another Buddha statue of mine.

    Aww! Super cute <3 Kitty love!

    My cat seems to like it when I put on a CD of Recitations for Animals. He looks at the stereo with great interest and gets that happy, eyes half-closed look they get :) He's not the most well behaved cat, but he has never tried to knock over my Buddha statues or stupa.

    I read that it's very good for animals to see holy objects, hear chants or dharma teachings, or have dharma names. It plants the seeds of future enlightenment and saves them from further suffering in the lower realms of existence.
  • LesCLesC Bermuda Veteran
    edited July 2010
    My Siamese cat Thai Chi died a week ago. I held him in my lap and chanted the Om Mani Padme Hum for about an hour to help him as he was dying. I prayed for a good rebirth, and that he would bring someone else as much love and joy as he had brought me.
  • ThailandTomThailandTom Veteran
    edited July 2010
    lOl, that is quite amazing. Maybe the cat can actually generate enough positive karma and attain a peaceful mind to maybe enter a rebirth of a more desirable being. Would it be possible for this cat to become enlightened?? lol, stupid question maybe.
    It is interesting and funny to see how everyone calls this cat cute and cuddly and awww :) Has anyone seen that notorious poster/image of a cat hanging from a washing line looking frightened and stressed? It reads below, 'hang in there baby'. This cat could be the new face of the buddhist take on this poster. It could be in deep meditation with the words, 'hang in there buddhist' lol. inspiration to us all ^.^

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