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Just a little bit

edited August 2010 in Arts & Writings
What is this room? It is so dark in here. I can't see anything. The darkness is thick with fear. Can I turn the light on?

I see that mountain over there, outside your window. Those boulders look ready to tumble down. Will they crush your house? I see the snow at the peak. When the summer comes, will it melt? Will you be flooded out? What creatures are those that I heard last night? What terrible beasts could live there? Are you concerned they will come down from hunger and eat you up?

I see the sun in the sky. It is so bright. Is it stronger than yesterday? Will it's fire someday engulf this earth?

I see this body. So fragile, so frail. I worry so, that I might cut my foot if I go out without shoes, or be bitten by some poisonous slithering creature in the tall grass or the murky water. I fear the rats in the dark that feed on my rice. What diseases could they spread? What about all these chickens? Is it safe to eat them? Oh that my family would never become sick. Oh that I would never grow so old that I could not care for them, that I would have to be dependent on them to care for me. Oh that I would never leave them, or they me, alone.

But where can we hide? In this room? In the dark? How could we then eat? How could we then see the sun rise? How could we then see it set?

What is is what is. What will be is what will be. I wake up, comforted, alive, seeing all the green around, the creeping sunrise, the golden sunset, and the smiling faces, here in my home, everywhere I go. There is good food to eat, and plenty of water to drink. And this day I was able to add just a little bit more to this world. And yes, because of that, this world is better now. My world is better now.
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