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Huang Po's "Gobblers of Dregs"

edited August 2010 in Philosophy
Huang Po, instructing the community, said, “All of you people are gobblers of dregs; if you go on traveling around this way, where will you have Today? Do you know that there are no teachers of Ch'an in all of China?”<o></o>
At that time a monk came forward and said, “Then what about those in various places who order followers and lead communities?”<o></o>
Huang Po said, “I do not say that there is no Ch'an, it's just that there are no teachers.”

here are some interpretations of this....

Tenkei says of the phrase “gobblers of dregs,”<o></o>
Everywhere they say that people who consume writings and sayings are gobblers of dregs, but Daie explained that if writings were dregs, then “the oak tree in the yard” and “three pounds of flax” would also be dregs. So it cannot be seen as limited to writings and sayings. From the perspective of the zen eye, even practice is gobbling dregs, even travel for study is gobbling dregs, even talk about doing meditation or reading scripture is all involvement in writings and sayings. Therefore even to speak of enlightenment and delusion, views of buddha or views of Dharma, is all gobbling dregs.<o></o>
And about the no-teachers-of-zen statement of Huangbo, Tenkei says,<o></o>
Today Huangbo activates the natural teacherless way; <o></o>
the dragons and snakes of the entire universe, the whole earth, and the four seas determine the falsehood or authenticity of the teaching masters. False teaching means false paths among the ranks of the Buddhist and Zennists, those that seek outside the mind. Authentic teaching refers to those who have relinquished everything, even the mysterious profound principles of Buddhism, gain and loss, right and wrong. It is necessary to have the Zen eye like this.

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