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Nothing to meditate on!

edited August 2010 in Philosophy
The Tibetan Book of the Great Liberation
The Method of Realizing Nirvanna Through Knowing
The Mind by Padma Sambhava

Part II - The Practical Application
Nor is one's own mind separable from other minds. To realize the quintessential
being of the One Mind is to realize the immutable at-one-ment of the Tri-Kaya.
The mind, being, as the Uncreated and of the Voidness, the Dharma-Kaya, and as
the Vacuous and Self-Radiant, the Sambhoga-Kaya, and, as the Unobscured,
shining for all living creatures, the Nirmana-Kaya, is the Primordial Essence wherein
the Three Divine Aspects are One.
If the yogic application of this Wisdom be thorough, one will comprehend that
which has just been set forth above.
Mind Is Non Created
Mind in its true nature being non-created and self-radiant, how can one, without
knowing the mind, assert that mind is created? There being in this yoga nothing
objective upon which to meditate,
how can one, without ascertaining the true nature
of mind by meditation, ascertain that mind is created? Mind in its true state being
Reality, how can one, without having discovered one's own mind, assert that mind
is created?

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    thats padmasambava, not you!
  • edited August 2010
    In the beginning of the lesson Padma says....

    The Guru's First Charge To The Disciples
    Blessed disciples, ponder these teachings deeply.
  • edited August 2010
    Are you going to still claim that you practice non objective wisdom. If so that you have compared yourself to Padmasambava. Do you know how arrogant that sounds. Unless you have guru identification to padmasambava and are truely not able to distinguish him from yourself , i don't believe you Dennis.
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