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Path to Enlightenment

edited October 2010 in Philosophy
Imperceptible Progress

However, it may so happen that after weeks, months, and even years of Vipassanā no visible result is achieved. If so, there nevertheless will be invisible ones. Namely, each hour of concentrated practice
bears inner fruit, in that it is an augmentation of merit (puñña) and Perfection (pārami), which exist independent of their perceptibility. With time, patience, and perseverance all things come into their own, the will being there.

Excess of zeal, however, is not always a signpost to success. As said of old:"Even so, Sona, excess of zeal makes one liable to self-exaltation, while lack of zeal makes one liable to sluggishness. Wherefore do you, Sona, persist with evenness of zeal, master your faculties, and therein make your mark." Whereupon in no long time Sona was numbered among one of the Arahattas, realising that: 'destroyed is rebirth, lived is the holy life, done is what was to be done, there is no more life for me on terms like these'.
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