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The Vajrasattva Empowerment.

cazcaz VeteranUnited Kingdom Veteran
edited November 2010 in Philosophy
Yesterday evening I have been attending the Introduction to the Vajrasattva purification practise given by our new Resident teacher Gen Kelsang Tubpa, She gave an excellent talk tonight on karma and why it is important to practise purification, For those of you whom know the story of Upala the nun such an example is a tough reminder of why we must purify, Gen-la also told a story Geshe-la had recently told at the Brazil festival of from how seemingly unseen results of virtuous actions can result in very fortunate rebirths.

This was the story of a lady In a previous time of the Buddha Kashyapa ( Buddha before Shakyamuni ) whom was a servant to a rich family, She had 4 sons and she diligently worked hard to make money but all the money she made she saved for the purpose of Dharma and even took to begging for food so that this money may be used for Dharma benifit, So she collected a great amount of money and with this she requested permission for grounds for a stupa (representation of Buddha mind) to be built from the local king he agreed to her request and so she and her sons began laying the foundations of this stupa with the intention that this great image would imprint countless living beings with the potential to accomplish the profound meaning of this human life, During construction she had a dream that the Buddha Kashyapa and his assembly melted into light and dissolved into this stupa Indicating that whomever came into contact with this would certainly receive his potent blessings, By merit of this action she was born In Akashanti pureland where she accomplished full enlightenment, Her 1st son was later born as the Incredible holy Being Padmasambhava ( Guru Rinpoche ) Her 2nd son was born as Śāntarakṣita whom along with Padmasambhava helped spread the holy Dharma in tibet, Her 3rd son was born as the great king Trisong Detsen whom helped establish Buddhism in tibet and her 4th son was born as the kings minister who helped the king with this most precious task.

I was certainly very impressed with the introduction and shall update more when i receive futher teaching and empowerment tomorrow !



  • edited November 2010
    It sounds like a great Teaching...Have a great time at the Enpowernment.
  • DakiniDakini Veteran
    edited November 2010
    Great teaching, Caz. Do you think it's helpful to have a woman's perspective in the teachings, from time to time? I'd like to see more of this, more nuns ordained, as I've said elsewhere.
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