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Pali canon groups in Boston?

conradcookconradcook Veteran Veteran
edited December 2010 in Sanghas
The title says it all--!

I'm in Boston looking for people to talk to about the Pali canon. (That's the Tripitaka, if you're cool enough to know how to pronounce and spell that. I, regrettably, am not.)

Any info for me?

Buddha bless,



  • edited November 2010
    I've looked for Thervada sanga in Boston and have found only 2 in which English is a second language. However, you may find something in the surrounding towns.
  • edited November 2010
    i recently did research on this... this is the most accessible place I found in the
    Boston area with ties to the Theravadin School:

    I haven't been there yet... I am taking a class at Shambhala Boston Currently...

    Also, check this essay about buddhism in boston, its really good:
  • conradcookconradcook Veteran Veteran
    edited November 2010
    Sean - thanks!

    Nature Lover - can you tell me where to find those two?
  • edited December 2010
    I know brookline has a few Sanghas there is indeed a theravada school around there I spoke to a woman there and as I remember it had a name that had Buddhism or meditation in its title I asked her what school did the center follow and it was indeed theravada which is pali cannon sutta instead of sutra etc. Found it with google or the receptionist helped. I after I get over my social anxiety (the harsher symptoms there is no cure but seeing therapist which helps) I will be looking for the commonly called mahayana school either chan (Zen) or tibetan. In that big over veiw more specifically the Rinzi Zen school affiliated (or soto no big difference on how they try and discipline and shake you awake (metaphorically) or in Tibetan the Karmapa Kargyu school but any of the colleges are cool with my head nyingma sakaya gelugkba (dalai Lama's school) I just like the emphses on visualization technology kargyuks do. For the trip I ka ya (did that from memory so may not be perfect) I love the Buddha's words as human said. But, I really love the commentators like asangha nargajuna aryadeva etc way of breaking down the Mahayanna sutras technology. Ill see if I can find the info you wanted unless you already did.
  • conradcookconradcook Veteran Veteran
    edited December 2010

    Thanks for the info. If you're interested in Zen in Boston, you might want to look into the Cambridge Zen Center, a school which originates from Korea. They have a residency program; I think you'll like them.

    For the time being, I have sufficient direction to keep me busy. When I next have a question (maybe in a month or two), I'm sure I can find something.

    Good luck with your therapy.

    Buddha bless,

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