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How to uproot the fetters?

edited November 2010 in Philosophy
In the Sutra Pitaka and the Abhidharma it is said that one can actually uproot the fetters from ones mind, but I have no idea how one can do that, the path to abandoning the five lower fetters is said to be defeated through using jhana attainment and vipassana insights in tandem. But what of the remaining ones, and has anyone uprooted any of the fetters? If you have can you explain how you did so?


  • CloudCloud Veteran
    edited November 2010
    As far as the PC, the fetters are uprooted at the stages of enlightenment, not before. Each stage has its corresponding fetters which are either released or weakened (between once-returner and non-returner there is a weakened state of a couple of fetters; at non-returner those fetters are fully released).
  • edited November 2010
    For the benefit of people who don't know about the fetters....

    An 10.13 - Sanyojana Sutta: Fetters

    <!-- #H_meta --><!-- #H_billboard --><!-- /robots -->"There are these ten fetters. Which ten? Five lower fetters & five higher fetters.

    And which are the five lower fetters? Self-identity views, uncertainty, grasping at precepts & practices, sensual desire, & ill will. These are the five lower fetters.

    And which are the five higher fetters? Passion for form, passion for what is formless, conceit, restlessness, & ignorance. These are the five higher fetters. And these are the ten fetters."
  • JeffreyJeffrey Veteran
    edited November 2010
    love for yourself and others (guessing)
  • edited November 2010
    All fetters are alike in being conceptual apprehensions of dualistic experience, hence when one cuts through conceptuality by definitive insight into shunyata, nothing more needs to be done. That definitive insight however, may proceed in stages in practical terms where you have moments of clarity which burn up the vasanas, followed by periods of ever lesser confusion. While in a sense, all that is required is to maintain non-conceptual recognition of shunyata from the point of view of the path it may appear gradual.

    Surely you can see that since the beginning of your practice the self-identity views have been to some extent at least lessened if not overthrown. Certainty and the others also arises similarly.
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