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Understanding Unwholesome Universals

edited November 2010 in Philosophy
I've been reading the Abhidharma Pitaka and I've come across the 52 mental factors. In the section that am in I read what was translated as "unwholesome universals".
The Unwholesome universals are:
1.) delusion
2.) shamelessness
3.) fearlessness of wrong
4.) restlessness.

Does this mean that until we are Arahants or attain Nirvana that we will all have these unwholesome factors?


  • conradcookconradcook Veteran
    edited November 2010
    Nope. Not from what I'm reading. You get rid of these, at least in large part, as you become a stream enterer. By the time you're a once-returner, it becomes "impossible" for you to commit misdeeds based on these things.

    In general, it seems you begin by getting rid of bad personal traits, disposing you to unskillfulness, and gradually move into cultivating good ones.

    Buddha bless,

  • edited November 2010
    My understanding is that as one continues to meditate and is able to slowly gain a more clear picture of reality, these will start to erode and eventualy fall away.

    I am not sure, but suspect that the order and time it takes will be different for each person based on thier particular situation.
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