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Question: Is this a test?

edited May 2005 in Buddhism Today
How does one know if something is a test or a karmic gift? Eg. I found something that did not belong to me but would greatly improve my living situation if I were to take advantage of it. I left it alone figuring that it was the right thing to do to just forget about it. Now it is almost 6 months later and I came across this item again. It seems to have been all but forgotten about to anyone who I would think that it would matter to and it was going to be destroyed anyway. I am just sort of confused. I am trying to figure out the karmic reasoning behind this. Was it like a test/reward situation? Should I feel bad that I want to take/use this opportunity to improve my family's living situation? I just don't know what to do. I keep thinking that maybe this is one of those balance things that is part of the upswing of the life wave pattern. Any advice/suggestions?


  • BrianBrian Detroit, MI Moderator
    edited January 2005
    The only thing that matters is your intention in the matter. If feel that you tried your best to find the rightful owner, you did the right thing. If the choice comes down to "you take it or it gets destroyed" well it would just be plain dumb to let it be destroyed. There's nothing altruistic about that. Who is to say what cosmic reason this thing has been thrown in your path more than one time. It seems sort of like destiny. If you feel that you truly cannot find the right owner of this thing, then I wouldn't feel anything but a sense of grand luck at your find.

    Only you can truly answer the question of intent and effort, though. Nobody else has all the information you have.
  • edited January 2005
    Agreed, Thank you, I feel better.
  • edited May 2005
    I don't remember ever dying. Therefore, I don't know that reincarnation is real. I don't know if reincarnation is not real.
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