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Vanilla Mobile

CloudCloud Veteran
edited February 2011 in
Tryin' to get the site to work on my mobile device (Kindle), like it's supposed to work on phones and stuff. Can't seem to find/activate a mobile theme; I know I read something about Vanilla Mobile... is this not something the forum has or can do, or is there a special URL or something?


  • It seems to work fine on my iPod touch, but I haven't tried it on a Kindle. No special URL needed.
  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    I'm with 02
    The forum is accessible on mine.
    Not only do I have the name of the last poster, but the name of the OP (and their avatar!) and how many posts there are in the thread, and how many of these are un-read (145/9 - that is, 145 posts, 9 of which I haven't read).
    I asked Lincoln about this, but the Mobile forum upload was not his project and he cannot elaborate on the system of getting the forum up on mobile 'phones because it's not in his job remit.
  • yeah it's accessible on mine, but it's just like this... which makes it way too small and unwieldy for a 6" diagonal screen. need a simplified version that cuts out having a side-frame and stuff

    oh well no big, i can use laptop still :)
  • johnathanjohnathan Canada Veteran
    works fine on a BlackBerry
  • WhoknowsWhoknows Australia Veteran
    I have an Android phone, I can get the discussion list but I can't find the categories on the RHS. Does anyone have any idea on this or have the same problem?

    Cheers, WK
    Everything else may be peaceful in the world but
    technology will always keep Buddhists in search
    of patience!
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