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edited December 2005 in General Banter
Sorry if this topic is already up, I couldn't find it anywhere so I assumed it was not up.

Christmas. A funny time of year people ask me (especially me dad when he's trying to save a few quid on presents ;)):

"Do you celebrate christmas?"

The conversation then follows this pattern:

"Of course"
"But you don't believe in God or Jesus."
"Do you?"
"No, I suppose not, but should a Buddha celebrate christmas?"
"It's Buddhist and why should an atheist and not a Buddhist?"
"Well you actually believe in something, don't you?"
"So do you, atheism is a belief."
"Well it's just a national thing for atheists."
"I'm living in the same nation as you."

Those are my beliefs, I just wanted to find out if anyone has any different views.


  • edited December 2005
    Well, I'm a Buddhist and an atheist and I celebrate Christmas. Afterall, my family is almost entirely Christian and I spend it with them. And they don't know I'm not Christian, so it's not like I have much choice unless I want to out myself. But I still put on the tree and other secular decorations, even a dancing Santa Claus. But they all have my unique touch. My husband and I actually celebrate the Solstice ourselves, but the Christmas is family time for us. And why not celebrate family and friends?
  • edited December 2005
    Exactly my point.
  • SimonthepilgrimSimonthepilgrim Veteran
    edited December 2005
    As I have argued elsewhere, it is Christians who have hijacked the Midwinter festival. But don't worry, it won't last.
  • buddhafootbuddhafoot Veteran
    edited December 2005

    From my experience, Christmas has nothing to do with Jesus Christ. If someone does accidentally mention it to the masses - there seems to be a collective "Oh yeah... the Jesus thing..." that goes up into the air.

    Even when I was a Christian, Christmas seemed to be reduced to haranging with family members about who was doing what, who didn't want to have to be in the same room as you-know-who. Capitalism being purchased at it's finest. Attempted suicides from people that felt they had no one to turn to at this "most festive of seasons". Fighting and anger about how much people were going in debt.

    I was thinking back on how for Thanksgiving...

    After dinner had been prepared and my girlfriend (a kinda-Christian), my son (a Catholic) and myself sat down for dinner.

    "Aren't you going to say a prayer?", she says to me.
    "It doesn't seem right that we don't pray to God."
    "Well, last time I checked, we put this food on the table, not God." I could have been a little more sarcastic by saying that "God didn't purchase anything - he didn't even carry in the grocery bags!" - but I didn't.

    But I did say...

    I'm thankful. I'm thankful for being with the woman I love. I was thankful for a son that I love. I'm thankful that they're both healthy. I'm thankful that we are in a position to provide for ourselves - which some people aren't. I'm thankful for another day that I had the opportunity to say these things to each of them.

    That's pretty much how I feel about Christmas. It's just another time of the year that I have the opportunity to say these things to people that I really care about.

    And because of some of the execellent shopping deals I can score for them :)

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