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taiyakitaiyaki Veteran
edited February 2011 in Arts & Writings

Has anyone heard of Adyashanti? He speaks a lot about non dualism and such. Comes from a Zen Buddhist background too.


  • Sure. I like his books.
    When he travels to Europe this summer I plan to participate in "satsang".
  • It would be nice to participate in a satsang, though he charges a lot.
    What books have you read of his?
  • Emptiness Dancing
    True Meditation
    The End of Your World

    For some reason I never read "My Secret is Silence"; maybe because the title is a bad choice for a book full of talking? :)
  • Lol the silence is what we are. Talking about the silence is to talk about our true nature. I never understood it until my teacher cleared that up for me. Everything comes from the silence and goes back to the silence. Even words.

    I loved True Meditation.
  • shanyinshanyin Novice Yogin Sault Ontario Veteran
    His description of enlightenment makes me think about how I see alot on this forum the idea that people who claim to be enlightened arn't, asking if anyone in the world is enlightened, people saying things like why would an enlightened person come on a forum, ect.

    Because it doesn't sound like a huge deal when he says it.

    Just my thoughts.

    Cool guy to listen to.

    Any book recommendations?
  • Start with The End of Your World and then Emptiness Dancing.

    Then get a copy audiobook copy of True Meditation.

    I think it's interesting to watch his videos or hear audios from his satsangs/interviews.
    Adyashanti cuts the bullshit away from all this enlightenment stuff.

    Much love.
  • Well worth listening to, in my opinion.
  • Pretty much anything you can find on Adyashanti:,1

    With love.
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