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Recommended Reading: A History of God

ajani_mgoajani_mgo Veteran
edited December 2005 in General Banter
I don't know if I should post it here but I recently read this book entitled "A History of God" by Karen Armstrong. Really fascinating book, tells a really unbiased history of Abrahamism and how did Yahweh evolve from a primitive desert god of the Israelites to become an ominpotent Only God of all humanity.

Really fantastic. Tells of things I'd never heard before from any friend from any religion - especially Islam, where it tells of the backgrounds Islam originated from that was always omitted elusively from books.

It approaches the monotheistic God in many ways: philosophy, mysticism, Aristotle Logic, Scripture etc. etc. in clear-cut terms. From God being a Higher Being capable of human emotions to an Undescribable All-Being that is not around us but, is, in fact, us.

Things of how religions throughout the times adapted and changed due to political factors, social factors and inter-affected each other. Just fantastic... The scope of this book is very great, mention anything of God and you will be able to find it... And you'd have not imagined the way Christians were branded as "atheists" in the past in the same way that most of us today would be.

Just pure non-fiction amazement... Karen Armstrong seems like a very well-learned scholar on the subject and a beautiful writer to convey the most abstract ideas to you in literal words... Gonna get more of her books!


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