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It is

finding0finding0 Veteran
edited March 2011 in Arts & Writings
It is because it is. These words are not precious or worthless. They are not good, they are not bad. They are not right they are not wrong. it simply is because it is


  • love. surrender. blind faith. they are all the same. the ego divides. abide in the silence and there is no separation. everything just is what it is. how can it be anything other than what it is. only in the ego's fantasy.
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    It is because it is. These words are not precious or worthless. They are not good, they are not bad. They are not right they are not wrong. it simply is because it is
    OTOH, "IT" is HUUUUGE. An infinite amount of "IT" is beyond comprehension by mere ants or humans. Not even sure if "is" applies.

  • It isn't
  • MindGateMindGate United States Veteran
    It is it and it is not it.
  • CloudCloud Veteran
    There's really nothing to say.
  • Amitabha
  • the itsy bitsy spider climbed up... I better shut up how did that get into my mind :hair:
  • It is. Yet it is not. Yet it both is and is not. Yet neither is nor is not. Confused yet?

  • I said it a dozen times (oops sorry): language is a tricky little sukka. You be careful with that!

  • This is by far my favorite thread :thumbsup:
  • MindGateMindGate United States Veteran
    edited March 2011
    It is full and empty.
  • This thread sums up all of Buddhism and then some. Love it.
  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    Eve: Adam, Are we black, or white?
    Adam: Huh...?
    Eve: Are we Black or white?
    Adam: How should I know? Go and ask God, he'll tell you.
    (Eve leaves cave).
    Eve: God? GOD!!
    God: Ye-e-e-e-s?
    Eve: Are we black, or are we white?
    God: You are what you are.
    (Eve goes back into cave).
    Adam: Well?
    Eve: I dunno...he just said - 'You are, what you are'....
    Adam: Oh, right. We're white.
    Eve: How d'you know?
    Adam: because if we were black, he would have said - "You iiiz whatchou iiiz!"

    I read that in a magazine this weekend, in an article about Chris Rock. It made me smile....
  • seeker242seeker242 Zen Florida, USA Veteran
    What is the word "it" referring to?
  • edited March 2011
    What is the word "it" referring to?
    "It" is a biological-based and/or human linguistic thing. A product of the way the bicameral brain distinguishes among the chaos.

    Once DNA gained a cell wall and separated itself from everything else, we were destined to start making distinctions between it and not it, me and not me, us and not us.

    Probably of limited value beyond the human experience.

    Fly Swatter

  • What is the word "it" referring to?
    That what simply just is. Pure loving awareness. The un changing formless that has manifested the ever changing forms with in self. The oneness that is all.

  • The meaning of two fingers in the air depends on which fingers and which culture. In the mind. Signlessness? But still able to drive.


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