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Crazy Dream

ajani_mgoajani_mgo Veteran
edited December 2005 in General Banter
I had yet another cool dream last night, but it's gonna make you laugh till you spill your food... Very silly dream... It's Lord of the Rings + Star Wars + A Space Odyssey + Aliens+ My Search of the Meaning of Life and dunno what else...

Here it goes... (Drum roll!) (Note, I am sure the dream I speak is exactly what I remembered - anything I wasn't clear of or suspect I might have remembered wrongly isn't mentioned)

I dreamt that I was on this rooftop on a building opposite the ICA building of Signapore (Immigration & Customs Authority, or something similar, a HQ for regulating the customs and immigration) - then there was a huge crowd on my rooftop looking up at the sky. So I followed and looked up.

The sky was like, well, normal (it was night) and just a few stars up there, nothing peculiar in fact. Then opposite on the rooftop of the ICA building some guy shouted "By order of the Government everyone must return back to their houses immediately!" then everyone scatered. I suspected that some big crisis was befalling Singapore, then I ran down the staircase and the scene changed...

Now I was in this amazing hotel I once had dreamt of before in another dream (this was a heavenly hotel I tell you!) and I ran into a room and saw one of my school friend - I shouted for him to run - then he went to his shower and withdrew the curtains - then a woman was there and she quickly got dressed. (Man, what was I dreaming!) Then we three ran off together.

Change scene!

We were on this bus (government-chartered) then we saw some very amazing things - alien ships landing. The alien ships were no different from huge skyscrapers - except that they could fly - and they let off an eerie sound (like a violin being pulled at many frequencies) - I was like WOW! I could feel fascination - in the dream I actually remembered thinking that all this was true, so aliens do exist! And I was very excited. Very.

Then the ships touched down and rooted themselves to this ground and the aliens got off. The bus also stopped in front of some building and I got off. I followed the aliens into another building. In the building there were already humans waiting. (It was quite a small room) An alien walked up to the projector screen of the room then started talking.

It was amazing. It spoke English - but in a very different way that was non-Earthly. Their vocals were very different. Very hoarse and slow voices - and they dragged on some syllables. Very un-Earthly, like a really bad sore throat.

It told us that the time had come for them to land. They claimed to be in existence long before the Earth was even born. They flashed a picture of their home planet on the projector - it looked very familiar, had the "striped" look of Jupiter, but instead was multi-coloured, very very colourful. They said that they would be here as ambassdors - but they did not say for what. The whole room now was like, shocked - aliens? Dios mio!

They displayed a picture of their side profile on the projector - anyone here remember the children books' series Mr. Men and Little Miss? They look exactly like that. Then they started to switch slides on the projector and spoke about the meaning of life. I forgot what they said compeltely but I remember it was something very comphrehensible. Damm, the most important of the whole dream, forgotten. (Anyway I wasn't betting that it was the real meaning anyway)

Change scene!

2 alien guards guarded a coofin - inside was Merry or Pippin from LOTR, dead. I forgot who it was exactly. Then Frodo and Sam appeared from the left and carrying what looked like guns fom Star Wars (those the Clones carried) they shot dead the two aliens and took away the body. Another aien ran out of the building but was too late - the Hobbits were gone! Then the aliens declared war on Earth.

Haha.. Funniest dream ever, but it was cool while I dreamt it... It's really difficult to describe the coolness. In the dream I actually felt it was all real - was like so cool. Wake up and I was like, damm, where am I now? And well, welcome to the Real World, man, the dream was funny. Cool. Funny. Cool. WOW.


  • Argon.AidArgon.Aid Veteran
    edited December 2005
    Umm..Ajani..a piece of advice..Try to sleep early next time..I bet you were sweating when you woke up.For all you know its due to your obessssion to the movies =P
    By the way,out of curiosity,whose the guy with the women in the shower?
  • ajani_mgoajani_mgo Veteran
    edited December 2005
    Hafiz. LOL.
  • buddhafootbuddhafoot Veteran
    edited December 2005

    Stay away from spicey food right before bedtime. :)

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    edited December 2005
    ....and pickled eggs.....
  • edited December 2005
    Keep taking the pills though.
  • ajani_mgoajani_mgo Veteran
    edited December 2005
    I dunno... Had nothing much special that night.. And two nights later I was dreaming I had the One Ring that kept on coming back to me no matter where and how I tried to throw it! LOL! LOTR hangover!
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