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"Inspirational" Moth

Argon.AidArgon.Aid Veteran
edited December 2005 in General Banter
Just wanted to start on a thread aout something that I saw.

Remember how moths often cling to the sides of the bus?

Well,I just wanted to recount seeing the experince of one.

It starts like this,I was on the bus,feeling a little down from the days events.Then I saw this moth clinging onto this window.Simply against the strong wind,It still managed to remain stuck on the window.Mind you,it was at the sides and according to the laws of physics,it should have been blown off and meet its doom.

However as the journey went on,it seem that the moth would not budge.In my heart,I was saying it was obvious that it will sooner or later let go or die trying.Still,it remain stuck all the way,not budging a single spot from the window.

Maybe,I may be too over sensitive,but this incident gave me a sort of inspiraion.If a small moth can hold on against the bombardment of air particles,why can't we overcome certain thing in life.

"May your fiath in your religion remain unwavering"
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