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taiyakitaiyaki Veteran
edited March 2011 in Arts & Writings
there is only one. we are only talking to ourselves. all narratives are narratives about ourselves. each character is nothing but ourselves playing each character. a dream within a dream. waking up is to wake up to this one. this one is all there is. open your eyes and all you see is one. we play the game of forgetting we are forgetting. there is nothing to forget. nothing to achieve. nothing to gain. nowhere to go. nothing to see. because all there is. is right now. there is no tomorrow. there is no yesterday. all there is. is now.

there is just one awareness. this awareness is everything. it can play the game of being separate. separation can only exist if there is something to be divided. we fragment the one with ideas. we play the game of samsara. we play the game of waking up to something.

but we can only play this game right now. we cannot play it tomorrow or yesterday. we only play this game right now.
there is nothing but now. how can there be anything but now?

we are just talking to ourselves. the infinite staring at the infinite. but we are the infinite.

LOL its a funny joke guys. wake the fuck up. but theres no one to wake up. existence is already awake.
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