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I think the web design is great. Would be nice to see more users on here how can we help? Open a Donate if u can thing for advertising..? Advertise?? pc


  • CloudCloud Veteran
    (Moving to section. Please check section before posting threads!)
  • Do we want to boost it up? Is bigger necessarily better? Some of the long-time members are still trying to adjust to the sudden boom in membership that happened over the winter.
  • not sure what it would do, seems to be better..
  • CloudCloud Veteran
    I agree, the site's actually gotten a lot more active than it used to be, they even had to get a couple extra moderators. There's always stuff going on, plenty of old and new members alike, it would be unnecessary and perhaps unwise to advertise; we might end up with too many members, too much activity, and be unable to handle it all. The forum's good the way it is. :)
  • I already can't keep up as it is! Seriously when I go to bed I know the next morning I have for a lot of reading to look forward to. ^_^.... I believe that cloud is right though. Maybe if things slow down significantly but right now there seems to be a happy balance.
  • I don't think this site really needs to be bigger necessarily. It's pretty much exploded in activity over the past few months as it is.
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