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My Introduction to

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Hello guys, I'm Nathaniel and I recently joined and thought I should introduce myself to everyone. I guess I should start off by explaining that I'm agnostic and not a Buddhist. Wondering why I joined this website if I'm not even a Buddhist? Well, I simply love Buddhism! In fact, I'm even thinking about getting a tattoo of The Buddha meditating on my shoulder. Anyways, I mainly joined this website to get answers and opinions from other Buddhists rather than getting false information from a website like Wikipedia, Wiki Answers, etc... I hope that I will get to meet most of you guys and that you will all be able to help me when help is needed.



  • CloudCloud Veteran
    Welcome @Nathaniel839!
    I highly recommend for information on Buddhism.
  • Thanks for the warm welcoming!
  • CloudCloud Veteran
    edited August 2012
    Quite welcome. We actually have a new member thread, but that's okay. :D Here are a couple of more specific links on BuddhaNet:

    #1: Basic Buddhism Guide
    #2: Online Study Guide

    Also is a great site for English translations of the Pali Canon, and has its own Self-Guided Tour of the Buddha's teachings. Most significantly the entire website can be downloaded for offline viewing/research.
  • Haha, my mistake, I didn't realize that there was a new member thread. And thanks for helping me out and giving me these websites, I'll have to check them out later. :nyah:
  • CloudCloud Veteran
    edited August 2012
    No problemo. I kinda wish we had some introductory information on Buddhist teachings here, but of course we'd have to either make it really really basic or have sections for the different schools/branches. BuddhaNet has all of that, so it's easier to just point people there to get their feet wet.

    If you have any questions about the forum, feel free to ask.
  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran
    Howdy Nathaniel.....a great bunch of people on this site!
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