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Drepung Loseling Monastery Atlanta

edited November 2012 in Sanghas

I am just wondering: are you or someone you know from Atlanta, GA? If so, are you familiar with the Drepung Loseling Monastery in Atlanta? Or any Atlanta monastery/Buddhist center for that matter?

I am beginning to practice Buddhism on my own, but I would like to join a community or give one a try at least. I feel that it would be beneficial. I would enjoy having a good experienced teacher as well.



  • JosephWJosephW Veteran Veteran
    Wow, so odd... When I woke up this morning I was actually looking at their site for the first time and wanted to go visit there... I live in Atlanta...
  • That is odd... Very cool though!

    Well, I suppose if I go visit them soon, I will inform you of my experience there! If you go anytime soon, could you let me know how it was for you?


  • JosephWJosephW Veteran Veteran
    If I get a chance to go, I will definitely inform you of my experience there...
  • I live in the area myself and have been looking for a space myself, I know there is one off 675 down towards Forrest Park but I don't know the name of it and have been trouble finding it. I am very interested in find somewhere myself.
  • I have also found several smaller meditation centers but have not been able to make it out becauseof a complicated work schedule
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