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Life is in the breath

SabbySabby Explorer
edited March 2013 in Meditation
'Life is in the breath; therefore he who only half-breathes, half lives'

When I become mindful of how i am breathing, and so often find that i am only half breathing, or even worse, to the point where i am barely even breathing at all it seems. I feel like this is attributed to the fact that i am very unaware of my body at times and too caught up in what i am doing, and also maybe a bit anxious. In meditation, i of course focus on my breath very mindfully and I am breathing slowly, deeply and fully, but the real practise is too bring this in to daily life... because basically i dont wan't to "half-live" through all the time i am not meditating.



  • Invincible_summerInvincible_summer Heavy Metal Dhamma We(s)t coast, Canada Veteran
    It's weird to hear most people talk about deep breathing while in deep meditation... in my experience, when my body becomes very calm, my breathing will actually become somewhat shallow. Breathing deeply sort of makes me feel disconnected from the present moment actually.
  • I will usually breathe deeply for a few minutes to start getting into my zone. Once in the zone it will calm down to shorter breaths actually.
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