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simple steps

sovasova delocalized fractyllic harmonizing Veteran
a lesson, a discussion. brevity supreme

1) train the positive mind. smile, mind breaths, see miracle and beauty in all events. re-mind.

2) train wisdom. dependent origination. absolute natures. reflect.

3) train heart. many beings one mind.

4) weep! often!

5) bodhichitta. drink suffering and radiate golden love light. like how the great palm drinks water and gives shade.

6) walk more than you talk. that is, Be the ideal you love to see. Dharma is not in words. It is within us all, how the breeze is in the leaves.

Be thankful for your enemies. Be thankful for impermanence. The greatest teachers.

Share the beautiful. Look constantly for the good. The never-ending chest of treasures.

Holy shit you can see in color! Awe-full!

Write poetry. Sing songs when you realize. Learn to be student and teaching. There is no place the master isn't.

And in love always grow. Today, yes, tomorrow dunno.

Brother I will bear your burden. And we shall sail on the oceans of our tears.

Rejoy in the beautiful. Support your monasteries. Dig deep into your motivations and align with the truth. Renounce the brief and claim relief. Bodhichitta.

Enter and stand from your meditations slowly. Adjust motivations. renounce, relove, repeat.

Take care of your body. What you eat and drink. What you ingest through your eyes and ears is important more.

Relax like a kitten near a fireplace in winter. Balance and wakefulness.

Learn the map until you no longer need it.

Today is an excellent, most amazing day. Today we work toward helping all beings realize true peace. The glittering snows of flocking doves. So close are we to serenity. Wisely use this time.

Nothing beats hangin out with people who are further along. Travel! It is worth it!! Auspicious connections.



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