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Dragon Gate Taoism?

DaftChrisDaftChris Spiritually conflicted. Not of this world. Veteran
edited January 2014 in Faith & Religion
Due to my interest in Chan/Zen and Pure Land Buddhism, as well my search into other paths, I've been reading about Taoism. From what I know, many Buddhists (especially in China) practice both Taoism and Buddhism as one practice. Despite how some Buddhists may view some Taoist practices as "wrong views" (specifically divination and a semi-belief in a soul among some Taoists).

While searching this, I found out there is a school of Taoism which deliberately synchronizes Buddhist, as well as Confucian, beliefs into it's philosophy.

Does anyone have any experience with (or even heard of) this school? How about of Taoism in general? Does anyone here think that Taoism and Buddhism are not as compatible as many make them out to be? If so, what are some differing beliefs which may put them at odds?


  • I feel they can be complimentary.

    Taoism is very evident in Chan/Zen. I am not really interested in the magical parts of Taoism, which is part of every get enlightened/immortal/advanced/rich quick school of quack collusion.

    I am most familiar with the tao te ching and tai chi chuan, both of which are worth a lifetime of study. Sangha will often offer, teach or practice qi ong or tai chi in the West for finance.

    In essence, the odds are not there . . .
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