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What is YOUR attitude towards the military?



  • I would in my opinion say it is BOTH for other reasons and for taxation. Kill two birds with one stone.

  • JohnGJohnG Veteran

    Unfortunately, when the decision was made to bring the f22 into the inventory, many generals and admirals where against it. The need wasn't for such a plane, but attack aircraft like the a10, and apache. Heavy lift aircraft and helicopters. The f22 was a total failure, too expensive, and will not see any fighting due to its cost. The f35 is ten years behind schedule, and most likely will go the way of the f22. But, we have to deal with what's before us now.

    Can the military budget be cut, of course; but then that won't bring profit into the four brothers who don't care except for their profit.

  • vinlynvinlyn Colorado...for now Veteran

    A general observation in the form of a rhetorical question:

    So let me get me straight -- we should listen to the generals, or we shouldn't listen to the generals, or we should only listen to the generals when they agree with our POV?

  • @Aspiring_Buddhist said:
    I suspect you might end up (like others in my state) with a situation like we've got here in Washington State: Most of the liberal folks are in or around Seattle, geographically speaking, while conservative people are kind of on the Eastern side of the state like in Spokane. (I'm sure there are conservatives else-where in WA, but I'm sketchy on details.)

    Since the Seattle area has more people that Spokane, liberals usually outvote the conservatives; they don't like that. There is occasional talk of creating a separate "Eastern Washington State" but nothing usually comes of it.

    Perhaps something similar will develop in Colorado?

    It already did, but it was over gun laws. The state legislature closed some loopholes on background checks after the theatre shooting (in Colorado you could buy guns with no background check at all if you bought them at a gun show). The gunlooneys in Weld county decided it was time to secede from the state, floated such a proposal, and it actually got some traction before it was ultimately snickered to death.

  • JohnGJohnG Veteran

    When one has a multitude of 'we don't want this' because it won't be used. But, we need these instead. Yes. Coffee?? :coffee:

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