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0student00student0 Explorer
edited July 2015 in Philosophy

For anyone interested, here's a video on tantra and some of the origins of Buddhism.
But be warned: it's basically a guy talking for an hour.
Very smart stuff IMO.

[inoperative link removed]


  • 0student00student0 Explorer
    edited July 2015

    Wrong link. This one should work:

    [inoperative link removed]

  • 0student00student0 Explorer
    edited July 2015

    Dunno why it isn't working.
    It's on YouTube,
    called An academic overview of tantra ,
    And the username is IIPSGP1

  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    In youtube Click on the symbol between the + and flag at the base of the video and post that link as is directly into the newbuddhist editor

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    Thanks to both for bringing it to our attention. :)

  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    I found it very informative, many thanks. Very interesting. <3

    Some things he mentions only in passing or not at all partly because he is an academic

    • The Western Tantra of Freemasonry
    • Modern hybrid, non cultural tantra, beginning to emerge
    • The Western 'Mahasiddha' tradition outside of religion
    • Psychodrama and more modern psychologies than Jung

    He also equates charlatans of limited value such as Oslo or whatever he is now, as 'Tantrists'. I would remind that they are just a catering service for the spiritually starving.

    Yoga as mentioned is very much a tantric teaching. Also mentioned are the correlations with alchemy, sufism and kabbalah as symbolic representations of inner processes.

  • 0student00student0 Explorer


    Glad you liked it. And thanks for the hint and for posting the video.

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