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Animation story about the origin of "Om mani padme hum" 六字大明咒

NMADDPNMADDP SUN Diego, California Veteran

with English sub from Master Hai Tao 海濤法師. He did a lot animation/cartoon stories related to Buddhism/Sutra,etc.




  • Some scholars have gone deeper than that, into Tibet's pre-Buddhist past. They say there used to be a goddess names Manipadma, and the prayer originally was to her. They point out that it's common to create a prayer by bracketing a deity's name with the syllables "om" and "hum", and this prayer follows that pattern.

  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited January 2016

    Many thanks @NMADDP
    Your intentions are well received. <3

    I must admit that when one of the Boddhisatvas offered to write the mantra/dharani in their own own blood on their self peeled off skin I was a little culture shocked. I had to stop watching. Reminded me of 'Ash vs Evil Dead'. These Bodhisattvas sure know how to get a good mantra ... :3

    This blood writing is the sort of behavour reserved for Ms Lucifer and her hordes of demons in much Western culture. As somone who regularly picnics in the hell realms I am aware of such naughtiness.

    HOWEVER that is not the nature of your intention. Many thanks. <3


  • RuddyDuck9RuddyDuck9 MD, USA Veteran

    idk if I can watch if there's skin peeling involved!! :-S I have heard this mantra used for Kuan Yin and also as an old mantra for Manipadma. I have to admit, I have been thinking it would certainly be easier to call to KuanYin by saying her very own name than "manipadma" but the rhythm just isn't there, sooooo.... you know... musicality wins out, I guess.

  • Blood writing and mutilation was unfortunately common in Eastern cultures in the past. One fascinating article I read talked about how common it was to mix your blood with ink to make the sutra even more sacred, especially if you were dedicating the sutra to your parents for their good merit. And monks in China for a while would burn one of their fingers off as a tribute and sign of rejecting the worldly pleasures or something.

    And of course it culminated in elaborate suicide rituals where people were even buried alive after starving themselves half to death, before the more sane Masters started putting a stop to this sort of thing.

  • RuddyDuck9RuddyDuck9 MD, USA Veteran

    Well.... that's certainly some kind of dedication... but isn't the pacifistic nature of our belief extended to our own bodies?? I am def willing to try and let go of the materialistic nature and trying to understand that even my own physical body is an illusion in some sense of the word... but I still want to be kind to that body for the time being.... Is it lazy or just Meatloaf to say I'd do anything to become closer to the Buddha nature... but I won't do that..... (and by "that" I mean violence.... I'm not into violence for faith, ever.)

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