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Split-brain surgery and outcomes

SystemSystem Moderator
edited February 2017 in Mindfulness
This discussion [due to its off-topic nature, but of interest in any case] was created from comments split from: The Path to Love.


  • Have any of you folks looking into research on 'split brain patients'?

    From what I gather we have a talky brain that's blind and a seeing brain that's dumb. The left brain is responsible for opinions (language and speech) and the right side for visuals (objects, images and faces. If the corpus callosum not longer existed we would be still able to see 'stuff' and function normal~ish yet unable to report what is seen in some instances.

    Clearly we don't only believe what we see, and rely on trusted written information or hearsay as well but i think we should be clear about what we mean by view, even in the confines of our own brain. How many of our words and statements are unexamined assumptions born of authority, reliable or otherwise?

    Anyway, I guess I have metta practice to be getting on with.

  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran

    My dad would often say:

    Don't believe anything you read and only half of what you see.

  • @Bunks He would have made a stellar librarian!

  • DairyLamaDairyLama Veteran Veteran

  • @ownerof1000oddsocks said:
    Anyway, I guess I have metta practice to be getting on with.

    Let your heart talk to your brain, your brain to your mind (assuming you have one) and your no-mind to your ... eh ... Silence ... ;)

  • @lobster If I can reduce the number of 'split cheek outcomes' via a healthy gut biome, surely similar can be said in the terrestrial environment of the head, I'm sure I've heard it said.

    May regular heart practice affect my walking life; and my walking life affect my heart practice in a positive closed feedback loop.

    Plus, the link was a nice addition to my morning tea break, so a word of thanks (and my head hurts a little less/ feels literally lighter tbh). :awesome:

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