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Unusual mantra?

SileSile Veteran
edited July 2017 in Arts & Writings

Hello folks!

Someone found this mantra (?) inside a pendant (sadly, I don't have a photo of the pendant or access to it).

On the other side of this paper there are 5 stripes: violet, white, red, green and yellow

It seems to be sort-of Sanskrit (possibly another Indian language altogether?), but I found myself wondering whether it was actually code; maybe to get a message past Chinese censors, disguised as a mantra?

The less exciting alternative is that the non-Tibetan pendant seller simply wanted to sell the pendant and scribbled this out, lol, but it looks a little too competent in some ways for that.

Very curious - would love to hear what you think, and thank you!

I have for the first part (clumsily on my part no doubt):

Om thunk'a thhubba' bba' thbarth'a bbaha tha tṛṣā thha bbaod thurga thha bb[X] tsge med

Another person offered:

Om thunk'a thhubba' bba' thbarth'a bbaha tha ṭ.hya-śa thha gbo-ta thurga thha bb[X] tsge med.

We think possibly "bbaod" or "gbo-ta" could be crypto-spellings for "bod" (Tibet).

Very intrigued to see what you all think!

Warm regards,



  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran
    edited July 2017

    Sile!!! Nice to see you again! :)

    I would go with the suggestion someone else gave you ( on FreeSangha) and see about a translator looking at it..... I think that's your best bet. :+1:

  • SileSile Veteran

    Hello Vastmind - it's been ages!! Hope you are all well!!

  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator

    Mantra lockets/pendants are actually quite popular. Gau lockets or necklaces is what they are called. Most contain simple mantras, but some get quite long, and some even contain the entire heart sutra. I hope you can find out, I would love to know!

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