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Book of Eights: Chapter 10

KeromeKerome Love, love is mysteryThe Continent Veteran

This chapter is called "the discourse on before breaking apart", and it's subject is peace.

It starts with a question, where the Buddha is asked to speak more about 'supreme people'. The Buddha replies at length, talking about what these peaceful people are like, in terms of what they do not do. He does not talk about letting go or the path to peace, but rather the end result.

The stanza's that stood out to me were:

They have no children,
Cattle, fields.
Or possessions;
There is nothing they take up or discard.

Which is one of the few times I've seen the Buddha comment on children. It's in the context of not having possessions, but it does show how far gone a sage is beyond the normal way of life.

Neither greedy nor selfish, sages don't claim to be
Superior, equal, or inferior;
Being free of comparisons,
They do not compare.

This repeats a theme we have seen before but it's still significant. Each stanza is like a miniature Buddhist lesson, showing a pitfall to avoid, or a quality that the 'peaceful ones' or sages have passed beyond.


  • FosdickFosdick in its eye are mirrored far off mountains Alaska, USA Veteran
    edited October 2017

    I appear to have abandoned this discussion, but it is not so. The local library contrived to lose the book when I returned it - possibly it got mis-shelved or kicked under a desk somewhere, so I am waiting for them to find it so I can check it out again.

    My recollection of this chapter is less than perfect, but I recall the emphasis on those who are at peace, who's minds are at peace. I find this a useful way of looking at enlightenment - a peaceful mind seems simpler and easier idea to understand than does enlightenment - any thought I have of enlightenment is often followed by so many ideas about the details thereof that it seems unattainable - peace of mind, however, seems almost doable.

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