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Omg yet another rant

MingleMingle Veteran
edited December 2017 in Meditation

I was just having a debate with my neighbor about suicide, depression and seasonal affective disorders.
He went on to say how he never gets depressed at all (that is fair enough I guess, not everyone suffers) anyway I pointed out how I indeed do get the downs in the winter and when I wake up and just see miserable weather it can be harder to be positive.
He then went on to say how I was irrational in that as I should just chose to think happy thoughts. I said" I can't just chose to think positively at all". He was basically saying how people don't need to be depressed or down or anything like that because you just need to chose happy thoughts. He then suggested how I am doing something wrong in my meditation if I cannot control my thoughts which I found really insulting as I have been practicing it and studying it for over three years and I have never seen anything that suggests I am supposed to control my thoughts. He of course has never meditated at all but says I'm "not intelligent enough to grasp it".
I mean why is there depressed people in the world? U just chose to stop being depressed don't you? Anxiety what even is that? I mean you just chose not to be anxious don't you? It's just that easy. Oh and people chose there sexual orientation too.
Anyway at least I was mindful of the whole thing and instead of reacting to my annoyance I politely said "let's agree to disagree"
I do like to moan about stuff, I dunno if that is considered skill full but I just find things like that I have to get out my system or the feelings of annoyance just bubbles up inside me. Hmm I guess I could just simply chose not to get annoyed.


  • Sounds to me like avoiding such conversations with your neighbour would be a good start.

  • @Lee82 said:
    Sounds to me like avoiding such conversations with your neighbour would be a good start.

    Omg he is just such an arrogant know it all. I didn't even bring it up. I am really starting to realize there is not much we agree on at all anymore.

  • You appear you be attached to your dislike for your neighbour or an enjoyment of the animosity between you. Either is unhealthy. Take yourself out of the poisonous situation if it causes such a state of mind in you.

  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator

    Is this the same neighbor you complained about in your last post? Why keep interacting with someone that brings up such things in you? If you aren't desiring to work on the annoyance that comes up from interacting with him, then why keep subjecting both of you to the experience?

  • federicafederica seeker of the clear blue sky Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    What the heck this is doing in the Meditation forum is beyond me.
    Given that the OP shows scant, if any inclination to discuss Buddhism, or seems to have not even the mildest interest in implementing any form of practice, to any discernible level of dedication, I fail to see why he posts.
    Thanks to all who contributed.

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