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Buddha, Knot-Buddha and Nut-Buddha

From another thread:

Somewhere I read that one of the hallmarks of maturity is the ability to hold two seemingly contradictory truths together. As I get older, this is something I've had to learn to do again and again as life's complications and contradictions sort of stare defiantly in my face, lol. But in holding both seemingly opposing motivations together, you'll often find there's a lot more flexibility in there than you imagined at first.


It's complicated ... ? Especially when not-Buddha and yet having Buddha-Nurture?

How flexible are you becoming in your rigidity? For me the answer is very simple but not enough to give it ...



  • Funny how the jigsaw breaks apart to reveal nothing very much in the break ...

    This is my piece, no peace for others joining ...

    Another example is music, where instruments swap between each others parts, often playing harmoniously and with silences emphasising the notes.

    Who hears the silence? Tuning in ... and out ...

  • The rhythm of nature. How sweet it is.
    Silence and sound are both integral and together, never really apart.
    Silence is as integral a part of the music as each noted each instrument.
    It is the same with life. Music, after all, is an integral part of life as well.
    As for seemingly contradictory truths, as yu ride your bike, there is a seeing contradiction to gravity. When you stop, you find there is really no contradiction.
    Now, where did I put that left-handed monkey wrench?

    Peace to all

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