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Dharma Sunday: Upāli Sutta 56. Upāli, the Householder

CarlitaCarlita Bastian please! Save us!United States Veteran
edited February 2018 in Faith & Religion

This is a long sutta. I attend dharma talks sunday nights on another site. We discussed this in full. Take your time. Its interesting. I chose a random verse instead of reading to find a summary of it.

"Then Venerable Sir, that Brahmin, moved by the powerful bond of love for that young woman, purchased and brought from the market a young male monkey and said to her, ‘I have purchased and brought you, dear, this young male monkey from the market. It will be a plaything for your boy.’

When he had spoken thus, that young woman said to the Brahmin, ‘Take this young monkey, Brahmin, and go to Rattapāṇi, the son of the laundry-man, and tell him, ‘My good Rattapāṇi, I want this young monkey to be dyed the kind of colour known as “Golden Pride” to be pounded and beaten repeatedly (in the dye), and smoothed back and front.’"

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