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Wild Wild Country



  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    @kando said:
    I got tangled up in a cult in my youth and made a point of learning from the experience - I would avoid any teacher who displayed 'charisma', 'magnetism' or even an inflated idea of his/her spiritual development and understanding - give me a straightforward baffled human being every time! Preferably in carpet slippers ?

    I’ve read some interesting accounts of both Osho and Krishnamurti, how they both had a kind of magnetic aura which is usually associated with the Eastern definition of enlightenment, of “having achieved”. They are fascinating people to be around, although I would agree one should realise that in all such situations there is only so much that can be learned, and you should keep your own council and judgment on things.

    Surrender is a beautiful concept, and as a phase it can be a wonderful experience, but I think it is necessary to come out of such enchantment and take control of your own direction at some point. The trick is to do so with consideration and good judgment.

    For those who found Wild Wild Country interesting, and want to know more, I’d recommend the book by Hugh Milne, Bhagwan: The God That Failed. I believe the author tried to be truthful in the writing, and it’s a good read covering the whole of Bhagwans early days as a teacher of meditation camps in 1972 to the commune in Oregon (the book can be found on the internet as pdf).

  • Rowan1980Rowan1980 Keeper of the Zoo Asheville, NC Veteran

    I'm watching this as we speak. I was familiar with the backstory, but this is very, very interesting to watch.

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