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Ask the Myna Bird

TsultrimTsultrim Hawaii Veteran

Alone and it's raining, beautiful and sad
Mind without end, amen.
What sees, knows all there is
Not deserts or mountains just all.

The rain forest drips,
A quiet means of expression
Closer to the truth than words.

I hear the Howler monkeys from before
Hooting in the trees after a rain; i don't think they liked getting wet
But what do i know about Howler monkeys or anything else?

There's nothing to know in Pandora,
The dralas provide for everything
Lighting the way to perfection.
They call it the Great Perfection in Ati Buddhism
How lovely to see it in the rain.

Belief is such a waste, but necessary, until we become what we believe.
Not so easy to do Luke with your father breathing down your neck.
Its like how the birds know the rain is ending,
You need the force, but you can't force it.

My mind is stopping like the downpour
But it's not mine, so what makes it stop?
We'll ask the Myna Birds, they can talk,
But they don't know what the words mean.
The hag told you the same thing Naropa and you believed her.
Enlightenment followed, but oh the pain, the pain to cut through all that concept.

Like a ball in a stream the enlightened travel through life.
I haven't seen any that bobbed yet, except when they bowed.
Merrily, merrily , life is but a dream, not bad for the West.
Oh, there have been intimations, have there not Great Bard,
Tomorrow and tomorrow rows us along.

This is too much fun i better stop.
Never forget the Hinayana the tee shirts boldly proclaim
And rightly so, without it the Vajrayana is muy peligoso.


  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran

    It has a certain lyrical quality, quite nice, and it carries you away a bit in the first half. Then in the second half it becomes a bit jumpy, lots new concepts which are introduced and referenced just once. I’m not sure... I may reread it later :)

  • TsultrimTsultrim Hawaii Veteran

    Just mind buzz hoping someone or some none reverberates.?

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