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Some 30 Years Ago (poem for Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche)

TsultrimTsultrim Hawaii Veteran

It has been some 30 years now Sir, since you left us.
The days have marched and stumbled by,
Some filled with you and what you gave us,
Others, many others , without your cadence.

As time passes,
I yearn to bring to all this world,
What you were and what you are,
But i fear that i will die before i do.

That i will die, before i tell this writhing world,
There lived a man cloaked in meaning,
Who moved like the stir of leaves,
And spoke as their sighing.

A man who broke the boundaries of being man,
Who left the human husk,
And kept vigil with the stars,
Swayed with the deep,
And sifted with the sands.

A man, alive with magic,
Who ordered the world and our minds,
Who bade time stand still and it did,
Who brightened light with his presence.

That i will die before i tell
Of gentleness that wrung the heart
Of courage that enlarged it,
Of brilliance that bedazzled mind,
And realness that becalmed it.

That i will die and billions never know,
There was a man,
Like the sun,
Some 30 years ago.



  • JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter Netherlands Veteran
    edited April 2018

    It very much speaks of your devotion to him and his legacy, this poem and the way you talk about him.

  • TsultrimTsultrim Hawaii Veteran

    Thank you @Kerome

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