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Regrets & Accomplishments

DhammikaDhammika Veteran
edited July 2018 in General Banter

I have an Inner Critic who does not operate by Robert’s Rules of Order and conducts Interior Inner Board Meetings with a bullhorn. The quiet guy across the table, Sensible Compassionate Board Member’s protestations get lost in the mailstrom. That said, after delaying and dropping the ball for many years on a long-promised book editing project, featuring questions and answers culled from talks and interviews with an esteemed Buddhist teacher, I finally — finally! — sent the draft manuscript to him yesterday.

The bullhorn guy wants to continue his critique: ‘Geesh, about time. What the effing hell took you so long you...’ But compassionate board member is raising a hand to block the bullhorn.

“Cool,” he says. “Let’s wrap up the edit!”

Wanted to share in case anyone else has a guy with a bullhorn at their committee meetings.



  • lobsterlobster Veteran

    That is a good way of putting it.

    These internal voices/persona from our parents, experience/karma etc are notoriously noisy dukkha generators.

    Suppression is not skilful, but more helpful/contemplative/reasoned voices can be allowed to emerge. This really is the purpose of meditation and other practices. We all knew that? Calm the committee, untangle the knots.

    Become a book worth reading ...

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