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perhaps just a pondering of the obvious

howhow Veteran Veteran

I was having a discussion yesterday with a Dharma friend who was remarking how much easier it seemed for everyone in his sangha to speak of where they did practice than disclosing where they as yet seemed unable to.

Are there common circumstances for each of us that have consistently illuminated the limits of our ability to be objective or maintain a viewing of what lies beyond the walls of our individual sandboxes?
I was wondering if such disclosures might show some commonality to what we might otherwise have thought was a difficulty that was just specific to us.

My two most obvious teachers in this are...
Staying cognitively present, in front of a big screen of entertainment, is my personal bug-a-boo. I suspect a lifetime of devotional TV mind conditioning that delusively passed for sufferings removal, is the power it has over me. I am good for maybe 3 minutes of equanimity before I am awoken again by the next commercial.
My less than mature solution has been abstinence after a lifetime of worship before my one eyed God.

The second activity is during the playing of a snooker shot where my mind requires so many physics laws to be juggled at once in order to perform adequately that the rest of reality is forced to take a back seat. This might just be the difference between concentration and meditation... but finding that I've actually got a snooker game shot balancing on the top of my altar seems pretty lame.



  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator

    I have about a dozen teachers.
    I've also been given detention....

  • tee hee <3
    The google and goggle boxes are a common form of entrapment. I use startpage and duckduckgo rather than being bubbled (Targeted ads). I tend to watch ad free TV.
    BBC is no longer ad free or bias free. I too am entranced by the one eyed demon but use abstention or allow it to eat my Buddha Mined with explosives ...

    As for my personal sanbox/dharma field ... seems to be a process of emptying the grasslands by leaving the gates open and the animals free escape in or out ...

    Long live the gods and ungodly

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