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Books about the Nature of Mind in the Seon tradition?

Hello, Ive read a lot about the Nature of Mind, its workings and rebirth in the Tibetan tradition. Now I wanted to dive into the Zen tradition, particualry into the (Korean) Seon tradition. Ive read for example Luminous Mind by Kalu Rinpoche from the Tibetan tradition and am looking for equivalent writings. Are there similar precise writings/books about the Nature of Mind in the Zen/Seon tradition like in Dzogchen/Mahamudra for example?
I have never stumbled across a precise introduction to Korean Seon for example. Maybe there are very good general introductions and writings about the Mind but not translated maybe?

The Tibetans have really a lot of precise writings about these topics with various bardo teachings etc.. I'm curious if there are such equivalent books or writings from the Zen/Seon tradition.


  • howhow Veteran Veteran
    edited August 2020

    At least from my zafu....

    I am not surprised you are having a hard time in finding what you want.

    A precise writing about Zen simply tells you how you can meditate in that form.

    Any subject that can not readily express itself experiential within this present moment of mindfulness will seldom be considered to be much of a Zen issue.

    This does not mean that a Zen teacher won't consider teaching from the Abhidhamma,Tibetan or any other Buddhist writing that can be of help,
    but you're unlikely to find such a teaching under any heading of Zen.

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