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A Meditation on my Wintry Self - EMBRACE THE COLD

DimmesdaleDimmesdale Illinois Explorer
edited December 2020 in Arts & Writings

White as camphor,

Cold as steel

Wield the Flammifer;

Refuse to kneel.

Without end I Espy the Snowy Paths
Seeing A L L in an icicle of quaint Glad;
Thus Roads take me to Cities opposite of Sad
And ever anon with Bliss they me lave.

Skin wedded to icy ores

Under Rocks ne’er to be exposed.

Let the Waters enter my pores,

Condenc'd to diamonds innerly stored.

Thus I remain,

And become obliged to retain,

The infinite gain

I chalk out from the dizzying rain.

Thus I remain….

Hot-headed yet Light
With the Game forever in Sight,
Prideless yet Brutal in Might
And Always Gracious and Bright….




  • Tee Hee. Great Poem. So I will Free Form ...

    FEEL THE Heat

    HEAT neat
    Warmth glows within

    A light alights
    Shines out, lasered, directed, focussed
    Burnt out

    hear her crackling fire
    Sense the flame
    A rising hot

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