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Living in cycles

JeroenJeroen Luminous beings are we, not this crude matterNetherlands Veteran

I’ve been thinking some more about the themes of how the natural world is present within us, and one very important aspect of this is how we live in cycles. Cycles manifest themselves in many ways within us, from the in-breath and out-breath to the pumping of the heart and the renewing of the cells in the body.

Within our mind we are not so aware of cycles. Yet even our thoughts are triggered by the recurring cycles of the normal world... night falls, you think of brushing your teeth and going to bed, you sleep, you wake up, you think of breakfast, you wash yourself. We have many routines, which are cyclical in nature.

In a way, we humans are still quite far away from originality. And we should not strive for that. Living within our cycles, with a minimum of innovation, is what comes naturally to us. But just a mindful awareness of the cycles of our lives brings us to the consciousness of habit, and that is already a big step.



  • Friend Kerome,

    I actually feel we are reborn several times during our life. Our karma will make a rebirth better or worse (relative concepts) Everything in our life and the world and the universe consists of cycles.

    Nirvana in this life could be gaining so much wisdom and spiritual momentum through practise all action and non action the person does nullifies karma. Therefore trancending into non-rebirth.


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