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lobsterlobster Veteran
edited January 2022 in Buddhism Today

From another thread:

How does science explain the utter rapture of realizing Emptiness?

If science is a systematically organized body of knowledge on a particular subject, one example of it could be
the 4NT and the 8FP.

It is a description of suffering's existence, its causes and the means of addressing those causes, where the utter rapture of realizing Emptiness is just one of the experiential consequences of sufferings absence.

As we know regular Buddhism is a means to rupture as rapture. Increasingly. :love:
In other words we do not, can not avoid life's ruptures :scream:
BUT we can increase in well being and being as well as life endures. :awesome:

Are we happy/content/ecstatic yet?
Long live Bliss Bunny Buddhists. Iz plan! 😇


  • Six on the ladder of 10. quite transient, ephemeral. Shirt lived and dangerous. Picture a "Love struck puppy" walking obliviously off the cliff.
    Just be aware, it is one heck of a rush, but a condition of potential defenselessness.

  • @Lionduck

    I feel the emptiness in the original quote is the Buddhist Ideal. Bliss, ecstasy, euphoria, transient realisations, partial understandings, momentary happiness, preferences and right into dangerous hell states. Not good.

    In this sense bliss seekers are strangely enough in a conditioned hell realm. Tsk, tsk, who would have thought it … [Clue: ye olde Buddhas]

    Just be aware, …

    Ah ha! Resting in the transition …

    Here is a werBuddha …


  • lobsterlobster Veteran
    edited January 2022

    Six on the ladder of 10

    We are often in a predominant condition, state, bhumi, level of being, rapture attachment. As you mention these can be raw, transitory and dangerous. The danger is grasping onto a passing momentariness. Such a moment may last many moons.

    For those wishing to experience such conditions … metta practice …

    … which is also available for free … somewhere or other …

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