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BUILDING the FUTURE BUDDHA: The Zen of AI, Genes, Saving the World, and Travel to the Stars

Hi All,

Thank you for keeping this place going. I hope that it is okay as I won't be making any profit from it (all goes to Buddhist and other charitable causes.) Just released for the New Year, my new book of hope for the future ...

Learning from Teachings of 50, 500 or 2500 years ago, alive here in this timeless present, let us begin to envision Buddhism, Zen and our world 50, 500, 2500 and more years from now ...

The Zen of AI, Genes, Saving the World, and Travel to the Stars

Zen and Buddhist insights, timeless wisdom gathered over centuries, can help guide us in our lives today and in the prudent use of new technologies, nurturing a calm and serene world, prosperous yet existing in harmony with nature, a healthy, contented and good society for the centuries to come.

Let Zen inspire us to sometimes step back from our machines and digital devices, returning to the simple and old-fashioned ways, the slow ways, because they are beautiful ways. In the rush for improvement, let us learn to sit still sometimes and rest from our goals, drop the quest for constant upgrades and efficiency, restrain the endless hunger for progress, and turn off the flashing lights and ceaseless noise.

At the same time, if employed well, technology and medicine can help us bring true peace, an end to most wars and violence committed in anger, cures for diseases, ecological balance, greater love and empathy among people and for all beings, increased charity, remedies for poverty and homelessness, and the attainment of other goals for good in the world as long dreamed of by Buddhists and caring people of many religions and philosophies.

Tomorrow’s technologies will change Buddhism too. AI and robotics, bio-engineering and physical enhancements, genetics and nano-implants, virtual reality and new media, medical miracles and manufacturing marvels, extended lifespans and expanded minds will make many of Buddhism’s most fabulous ideals realizable. Zen will be practiced, programmed, bred and wired in; enlightenment will move as chemistry and light across neural fibers and optical fibers.
“A fascinating vision of timeless traditions, changing times and coming technology.” Saverio Pascazio, Professor of Theoretical Physics, The University of Bari

“A zen book unlike any other, one that offers an original and inspiring perspective on the destiny of our species … living in harmony with ourselves, and with the planet.” Daniel Forster, Biologist, Specialist in Greenhouse Gas Cycles and Sustainability



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