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remember be here now ram dass

shanyinshanyin Novice YoginSault Ontario Veteran
edited June 2010 in Arts & Writings
Anyone read it?
Just about to get it I like Ram Dass.



  • RichardHRichardH Veteran
    edited June 2010
    Big on Bhakti Yoga (devotion to guru). A strong scent of the 60's. Mainly Vedanta, even when he talks about Buddhism he talks in terms of Vedanta.
  • patbbpatbb Veteran
    edited June 2010
    Ram Dass was a Hare Krishna Baba...

    I think Ram Dass "Be here now" was good because Ram Dass was a normal guy who got very inspired by his teacher Maharaj-ji... So you get a book that gives the interpretations and inspirations of a normal guy who got very lucky to meet a very special person, as opposed to the words of a enlighten one or a monk where it can be little bit more difficult to relate.

    Personally, from what i could gather, I believe Maharaj-ji was enlighten (Maharaj-ji's path was not Buddhism, but i believe many paths leads to enlightenment)
  • FoibleFullFoibleFull Canada Veteran
    edited June 2010
    Yup, I'm from that generation. Good ideas, but everyone was running around spouting words from that book ... and they all were totally caught up in aversion/attachment.

    I read it too, but it didn't change me like Buddhism did. Think I'll hang onto my Buddhism books.
  • PalzangPalzang Veteran
    edited June 2010
    I always liked Ram Dass. I especially find his struggle after his stroke to regain the power of speech very inspiring. He's a good man.

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