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Does chanting for riches really work?

buddhafootbuddhafoot Veteran
edited October 2005 in General Banter
So, I was watching an episode of Absolutely Fabulous and Edina (Eddie) was talking to her daughter about how she was a Buddhist. She was also telling her daughter that it was because of her chanting that allowed her to gain everything that she currently had in this life.

Eddie is a Buddhist, huh? She sure knows how to party, sweeties.



  • JasonJason God Emperor Arrakis Moderator
    edited October 2005
    I love that show!
  • edited October 2005
    I have to admit I like it, too! It is hilarious!:)

    Adiana:usflag: :bigclap:
    edited October 2005
    When is it on?
  • buddhafootbuddhafoot Veteran
    edited October 2005
    I don't believe it's an "active" show.

    Just reruns usually on public television (if you're lucky) or some sort of BBC programming.

  • federicafederica Seeker of the clear blue sky... Its better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt Moderator
    edited October 2005
    It's such a great mickey-take of the want-it-all-and-want-it-now mentality of the 'Hungry Ghosts' in our midst.... whatever's trendy, Eddie wants it, by the spadeful..... She's one of the most materialistic, money-oriented trend-setting creatures I've ever seen.
    She's based on a real person, too....! :D
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