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New style on this site or what?

edited December 2010 in
I am nuts or did something change with this sites layout? how cool tho, nice job Linc


  • MindGateMindGate United States Veteran
    Somebody has cOLD mOLD on his pLATE. :crazy:

    Just kidding. Well, yeah, it changed a couple of days ago. I think Lincoln is still touching things up, though.
  • hey its pretty damn cool i think.. reminds me a bit more of facebook style..
  • i wish there was an instant chat/msging system tho , how cool would that be? we could get like 10 or more people chatting in a chat box or something
  • MindGateMindGate United States Veteran
    Oh, yeah, that'd be awesome. :)

    I second that idea.
  • LincLinc Site owner Detroit Moderator
    edited December 2010
    If I were to move in that direction, I'd make discussions real-time, not add a chat feature.
  • LincLinc Site owner Detroit Moderator
    However, I'm skeptical that speed would improve the quality of conversation.
  • edited December 2010
    L you gotta have faith that perhaps we could speed up our rate of enlightenment.. :D
    I like this a lot though.. I'll stay for more years
  • lol if i survived for more years,
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