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Are you like me?

edited March 2011 in Arts & Writings
I keep looking at the statue of Buddha,

So different the person it depicts.

I keep looking for the Truth,

When its the Sages who realize it.

I keep looking for the path,

When its the Sages who tread on it.

I keep looking at the map,

So different the country from it.

I keep holding the holy book,

Not learning to die from it.


  • genkakugenkaku Northampton, Mass. U.S.A. Veteran
    Luckily, Buddhism does not concern itself with something else.
  • the seeker is sought.
  • thats beautiful, deepak!!
  • "What you think you become". Buddha : ].
  • CloudCloud Veteran
    More like "your thinking determines your future happiness or suffering", I think. :)
  • CloudCloud Veteran
    I think, therefore there is thought.
    I think I am, therefore there is deluded thought. :D
  • edited March 2011
    i think in some small sense, I am, but its not important.
    if i think; I am not, a lot of friends might miss me.
    I think were I am is not important, but I am somewhere.
    If I were to be nowhere, i might have trouble finding myself!

    Were I am might not be real, but it functions for now.
    who I am must be something, but its quite hard to explain.
    if I were to give up now, a whole life would be lost.
    so i keep on trudging, the dharma path.

    Lyndon John Taylor mar 2011

  • Even the sages were looking for sages.
  • Are you like me? ... very much so.

    Daily, I go on my knees,
    And gaze at the altar.
    I see the image of the Blessed One,
    Sitting in great dignity.
    Calm, but not in a trance.
    Fully alert,
    With a look of wakefulness and calmness.
    Never caught up with the changing conditions around Him.
    He is ... the perfectly, self-awakened one.

    It's said that we too can attain Buddahood,
    Admist all the turmoil in this world,
    And sit with such dignity, wakefulness and calmness.

    ... to be continued ;)
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