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The Buddha and the angry man

The Buddha was sitting in the shade of a tree when an angry man came upon him.
The angry man started yelling insults, but the Buddha sat there calmly and said nothing.The angry man continued screaming, but received no reply.
After about five minutes the man could not keep up his anger at such a level and asked, “Do you have nothing to say?”
The Buddha asked the man, “If someone gives you a gift and you do not want it, to whom does it belong?”
The man answered that it must remain with the giver of the gift.
Then the Buddha said, “I refuse to accept your anger, so youwill have to keep it yourself.”
The angry man is said to have become a disciple of the Buddha.

[From: The Very Delicious Strawberry, Twenty illustrated Zen stories adapted for children, by Tim Johnson and Andrea Brajnovic.]


  • lobsanglobsang New New

    many people had spent so much time being angry that he had forgotten he was angry. You don’t have to be angry just because someone else is. It is much better to let go of anger than to hold on to it, even if someone tries to give it to you.Being happy is much more fun!

  • lobsterlobster Veteran Veteran
    edited June 2015

    If Dharma is suitable for children, I'll join. B)

    As an angry person, with violent feelings towards naughty demons, anger CAN be used skilfully. In many lay situations I do not have that skill.

    Wrathful practitioners MUST ensure they are not engulfed by tendencies. Just as 'my little pony' shangri La-la land new agers are engulfed by their sickly sweet positivity.

    On the whole, positivity is the simpler gift.

    Remember 'Buddha Luvs Ya. Have a nice day!' [shudder - engage Sith training]

    Thanks @lobsang <3

  • DairyLamaDairyLama Veteran Veteran

    Stories like this are further evidence that the Buddha was an English gentleman. It would have simply been bad manners to respond, particularly when drinking a cup of tea. ;)

  • anatamananataman Who needs a title? Where am I? Veteran

    My current understanding of buddhism, is that buddhas are compassionate beings, and do not make judgements based on the actions of others when they dwell in ignorance.

    It's an eye-opener!

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