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Has anyone had any warnings and what for?

TheEccentricTheEccentric Hampshire, UK Veteran
edited November 2012 in


  • I regularly get warnings from Mrs Tosh; she's quite controlling around the house. No shoes allowed; dog must be wiped when we come in; we must not dump clothes on floors - that kinda thing.

    I also had a few warnings when I was in the army; stuff like "Duck" and "Get down" and "If you do that again, I'll...".

    I can't think of any others, but I've probably missed a lot out.
  • karastikarasti Breathing Minnesota Moderator
    lol I just had the most absurd image of you wiping your dog, @Tosh.

    Warnings, hm. On the site, no, though I've been put in my place a couple times.

    I get some dire warnings from my kids, mostly from my older one about the dangers of random lurking germs.
  • BhanteLuckyBhanteLucky Alternative lifestyle person in the South Island of New Zealand New Zealand Veteran
    I give out warnings every day, for people who park illegally. But I've never gotten one since I don't drive into the city.
  • VastmindVastmind Memphis, TN Veteran
    edited November 2012
    I give out tax warnings every day.
    Never got one.

    The hubby warns me that my mouth/talking
    too much is going to get me in trouble one day.
  • Vastminds said:

    I give out tax warnings every day.
    Never got one.

    I used to like you, you know!

    Do you think your occupation is skilful with regards to right livelihood?

  • Add tax warnings to my list please.
  • I give students warnings all the time.

    Its mostly non verbal.

    Usually a stare works.

  • Only give warnings when I'm out of citations. But, 'rejoice' I got me a whole new box of em. :cool: Ya'll drive careful now, ya hear.
  • I was once warned never to play on the edge of the canal, I did and I fell in, so lesson learnt :)
  • BunksBunks Australia Veteran
    I stole a hammock from someone's backyard when I was about 15 and got caught by the cops.....they said I was going to court the next day!

    I poo'd my pants (not literally) but in the end they let me go with no convictions.

    Taught me a lesson...never been in trouble with the law since.
  • GuiGui Veteran
    I should warn myself every time I think. But I usually don't!
  • I received a warning to pay my utility bill some years past. And sometimes I have had warnings on other bills.
  • Tonight and Tuesday
    Storm warning in effect.
    Wind southwest 10 to 20 knots increasing to southeast 20 to 30 before morning and to southeast 40 to 50 Tuesday morning. Wind diminishing to southwest 35 early Tuesday afternoon.
  • I was warned that practising Buddhism could lead to insights. Did I listen? :-/
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