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Learning from Others

lobsterlobster Veteran
edited March 2013 in Faith & Religion
The core understandings in alchemy relate to the same insights that all mystics and meditators undergo, however the bulk of alchemy is blind alleys (even by their own criteria).
Interestingly our quest when one pointed and focussed may produce tightness rather than an expansive insight (this is called coagulate and dissolve in alchemy).

It was only after studying Buddhist ideas that I could make any spiritual sense of my religion of birth, in my case Christianity. In fact I was so not interested in the vehicle that I went on a retreat for those contemplating being Christian contemplatives. Much to my surprise, Catholic contemplatives are also trainee priests. Too weird.

Spending many years as a dervish, I had a similar aversion to the vehicle, Islam. Some dervishes adopt a non denominational style and are influenced by Buddhism, secular living, Psychology, Christianity etc but ultimately their alignment is with Islam. Not fashionable. :o

By studying other systems my confidence - not faith, in Buddhism has been confirmed.
Now that I approach Buddhahood with the same equanimity as a cup of tea, I realise the value and drawbacks of narrow field spirituality. In Buddhist terms, our path has already been walked. Now we must make sense of it. We must listen to what we have heard.

What is worth sharing?


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